Responsible person: doc. RNDr. Zdenko HOCHMUTH, CSc.

Students and academic staff can study a broad collections of books, journals, proceedings, and maps. The library originated thanks to gifts of some members of staff, other research institutes, friends or reciprocal printouts. The library comprises important Slovak geographic monographs, periodic journals, conference proceedings, atlases, and selected foreign publications. Further, it comprises historical and recent census statistical publications and software. There are over 7000 publications in the Institutional library.

The Institute also has a map archive comprising state topographic maps of the territory of Slovak Republic, ZM 1:200 000 - 1:10 000, technical-economic maps, ŠMO-5 1 :5 000, various historical maps, several sectors of cadastral maps and 1:1000 maps. The map archive also holds a complete collection of geological maps in 1:200 000 scale for the territory of Slovakia and Czech Republic, and 1:50000 geological maps of Slovak Republic with explanations.


Responsible person: Ing. Katarína BÓNOVÁ, PhD.

  • stereomicroscope Leica M80 with large field of view, increased depth of focus and improved resolution easily replicates measurements, photography or inspections of accessory minerals or other type of samples of either biological or abiotic origin;
  • optical microscope Leica DM 2500 P provides both basic to advanced examinations where high-quality polarization equipment is required. It is used for studying thin rock sections;
  • diverse collection of minerals and rocks



Responsible person: RNDr. Dušan BARABAS, CSc.

  • FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 3 PRO: quantitative particle size analysis of solids, suspensions via dry or wet sieving with woven test sieves or micro-precision sieves.
  • Flow probes Global Water FP 111;
  • Mine surveying kit Meopta
  • Dilatometer "TM 71" (installed in the field).
  • Water probe "MARS 4" in a Thompson profile installed in the field;
  • pH probes with a heat sensor for measuring pH, water temperature and water conductivity
  • automatic meteostation WH 1070
  • soil and geology survey kit for sampling up to 7m depth by Eijkelkamp.

Responsible person: RNDr. Ján KAŇUK, PhD.

The Laboratory of GIS comprises all equipment and technical infrastructure related to acquisition or location of spatial data via the field methods or remote sensing methods. Further, it encompasses the software needed for extraction and digital analysis of acquired spatial data. The laboratory manages also spatial datasets generated or purchased by the Institute.

  • Two GNSS recievers for precise positioning in real time or after post-processing (EPP Set – Hiper ll: Digital UHF 410-440 MHz s GSM/GPRS by TOPCON);
  • GPS Trimble Juno SB with the firmware GPS Pathfinder Office, Terra Sync;
  • GPS Garmin eTrex with the firmware Mapsource and topographic background of the Slovakia Topo and the Czech Topo;
  • Total positioning station Leica TC 605;
  • Laser distance meters Leica Disto D3;
  • Universal theodolite MOM-Te-D4;
  • Levelling instruments MEOPTA Kolibri;
  • Colour desktop scanner EPSON GT–15 000 for up to A3 format;
  • Large format plotter HP DesignJet Z2100 Photo

Software licences

  • 25 licences of ArcGIS 9.3.1 Editor;
  • 30 licences ArcGIS 10 Editor by ESRI (including Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst a Geostatistical Analyst);
  • Installations of an open-source software GRASS GIS; R; MapServer
  • 25 licences of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5.

Spatial data

  • Seamless digital vector database of the Slovak Republic SVM 50 (1:50 000)
  • Military topographic maps 1:25 000


Institute of Geography

Faculty of Science

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